31 March, 2009

Pseudo-Solarisation in Color

"Everything can be transformed, deformed, and obliterated by light. Its flexibility is precisely the same as the suppleness of the brush."

Man Ray

For theirs solarisations Man Ray and Lee Miller and other photographers used resp. use the light for overexposures in the darkroom. Photoshop is the digital darkroom, which doesn't need the light to create solarisations. This process is called "pseudo-solarisation". Certainly the "pseudo solarisation" is an other notion for the Sabattier effect. But the real solarisation doesn't exist in the digital photography, only a pseudo one. For that reason even a color-picture can be transform into a pseudo-solarisation.

My brushes are the light and Photoshop.

"transformation act", germany, 2004/2008

"ihme towers in a fog", germany, 2005/2008

"human and/or nature", brasil, 2007/2009

an example in black and white:

"caCTUS", germany, 2005/2008

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