23 May, 2009

the wedding-picture

In an older post I've shown a restoration of an 100-years-old picture from my german grand-grand-grandmother.

Today I show the restoration of the wedding-picture from my brazilian grandparents, who'll have their 65th wedding anniversary on the 27th of may.

The original (size: 11,87x16,56cm) is in a veryvery bad condition. I don't know what they've done with it, but it's very sad.

But okay, shit happens.

I scaned the original with 600dpi and edited it with the same Photoshop-tools as the last time.
The restoration took up a lot of time (21 steps in 3hours and 20minutes and 9 cigarettes), but hey, it's for my grandparents and I think it's a wonderful gift for them!

the original scan:

the last version:

the music I heard: U.N.K.L.E. - "Psyence Fiction" and Travis - "12 memories"

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