02 April, 2009

insane camera-lens-combinations

The rangefinder cameras from FED and Zorki are Leica-Copies and have the same M39 LTM (Leica Thread Mount) like the old "Schraubleicas".
Old Zenit SLRs like the Zenit 3M have another M39 thread mount. It is a little bit different to the Leica M39.

If you screw a M39 Helios 44 2/58mm on a Fed or a Zorki, you won't get a sharp picture. It's just impossible to focalize.
Even so you can use this effect for special pictures, like this one with a FED 4 and a Helios 44 2/58mm:
"the creature merges in his surroundings", germany, 2006

If you screw a M39 LTM Jupiter 8 2/50mm on a Zenit 3M, you'll get a macro lens with an enlarge­ment fac­tor of 1:2,5. It works really fantastic.
Here an example shot with this camera-lens combination:
"light hole", brasil, 2007

I have these ideas from Alfred Klomp's brilliant homepage.

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