08 January, 2010

Mural do Portal Photos!

I'm a reader of the brazilian "photo magazine - fotografia é arte".
In the last issue (dezembro/janeiro 2010) is a report about the Mural (in english: the wall) from "Photos - O portal da fotografia".

Every week you can send a photo via e-mail to the admins of this page. A jury of pro photographers choose the best ones, which are shown on the mural. But only one of these pictures can win. The prizes for the winner come from the Editora Photos and are magazine subscriptions, books, t-shirts and photo stuff.

Okay, I thought that this is a good chance for me. I chose the picture "the cross III" and sent the picture to the admins.

And tatatatatatata! my picture is in the selection (see: "Semana 314" ("semana" = portuguese for week)) :

Hey it is my first time to participate in this contest!

The winner ("o vencedor") of this week will select in the next days!

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