18 January, 2010

macro lens, effect filter and flash.

Today I pimped my Rebel XSi with:
_ Sigma Zoom 3.5-5.6/28-80mm II Macro (1:4 - 1:2)
_ Hama Effect Filter (Trick) 5-Star
_ Canon Speedlite 244T (CAUTION: Don't do this at home! The Speedlite 244T isn't a Speedlite for the EOS(digital)-series. It is just for the Canon T50! Without guarantee: It works restrictedly with an EOS-(d)slr!)
_ Battery Grip BG-E5

I just photographed in the macro range. I know that these effect filters best worked with a normal lens (at 35mm-cameras: 45-55mm) or with a zoom lens at this focal length, but I don't like normal ways;)
A very good book in german about filter is "Filter-Faszination. Alles über Filter und ihre Anwendung bei Foto und Film" by Rudolph Hanke and published by Hama.I've taken some pictures in my garden from orchids and other flowers:

After this session I pimped my Rebel once more:
The same stuff as stated above +
_ Metz mecablitz 20BC6 (you can fire it manually)
_ Porst Flashbar

This kit is very heavy and bulky, but it works extraordinary!

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