16 December, 2010


I have this idea from the wonderful tokyo camera style site.
There are some pictures of the original carrying bracket (here and here), which was made by a japanese photographer for his Nikon 35Ti. Of course the original is much more elegant as my attempt to build one.
But what is the reason to build a carrying bracket?
The reason is simple. Some cameras, mostly small point'n'shoot cameras, don't have lugs for a strap.

What you need:
_ some pieces of wood or metal. (I used wood)
_ some screws to connect the pieces of wood (I need 4 screws)
_ a bolt to unit the bracket with the tripod socket of the camera
_ friction tape to prettify the bracket
_ a camera strap (I used the strap of my Nikon TW Zoom)

_ a saw
_ a drilling machine
_ a screwdriver
_ a box cutter

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