19 June, 2011

Pictorialism for idiots - part 2

Yes, I know you're a little disappointed about the first part of Pictorialism for idiots!
Because actually that wasn't very necessarily correct and the photos didn't look like the Pictorialism style.
But give me one more chance, please.

Okay, thanks!
I had already edited one of the photos with Photoshop, the colors and the curves, but just a little bit:

Now I'll create a sandwich with this photo and a layer, which I've just used to edit these pictures. The layer is actually an old blotting paper, which I scanned:

You can use many things as layer, for example photos of structures, different types of paper, etc., follow your creativity, but please NOT USE MY LAYER! ;)
Of course you must try as it works best, for example modify the opacity, change the layer settings (normal, multiply, overlay, etc.), color or b/w etc.

At the end it could look like this:

Still not really the Pictorialism style?

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