04 June, 2011


Interestingly, the most-read article on this blog is FILM VS. DIGITAL?!.
I've never thought, that this issue is still a hot one!
Unfortunately, there are no comments from readers to my post. But, of course, the internet is full of opinions to this topic.

How do you think about it? Do you love film or digital or both?
Both? R
ood decision!

In this post are pictures,
more accurately sandwiches from an analog and a digital photo.
And yes,
the only good photographic invention in the last 40 years is PHOTOSHOP! ;)

"picturestory" = statues: Canon T50 + flower leaf: Canon PowerShot A200

"mimica" = portrait: Fujitsu Siemens SX530 + armadillo: Canon T50

"eos vs. eos" = left: Canon EOS Rebel XSi + right: Canon EOS 10

"dornröschen of the 21st century #2"
= portrait: Fujitsu Siemens SX530 + grass: Porst Compact Reflex S

"charade" = top: Medion MD 40969 + below: Canon T50

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