02 July, 2011

DIY: Lens trial and error

"Learning by trial and error" was a leitmotif from my dad. And this post is about trial and error.

I've found in the december 2009 issue of the German fotoMAGAZIN a DIY-tutorial, where they adapt the lens with bellows of an old Adox Golf to a DSLR.
Okay, I didn't want to slaughter my Zeiss Ikon Nettar 518/16, but I searched in my camera trash box and found:
- the old and broken bellows of my ICA
- the lens part of a slaughtered Revuenon Special 2.8/35mm
- the M42 mounting thread of an old Domiplan

The ICA bellows had many holes, which I've patched with black sponge rubber. I've used plywood to connect the bellows wit the M42 mounting thread. I've attached the lens part of the Revuenon Special in the reverse position at the bellows.

Yes, it looks like a monster, but it doesn't works. Okay, I didn't make the hole in the center of the plywood and the bellows patch is a fuck...Learning by trial and error!!!

After that I've removed the M42 mounting thread and searched in the camera trash box once more. I've found the old lens part of the AutoYashinon DS-M 1.7/50mm and attached it (with Loctite) in the reverse position at the mounting thread. Then I've glued black sponge rubber like a lens hood on the whole thing.

And yes this crazy lens works. It is a monster-macro!
And here're some pictures made with the lens!

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