01 July, 2011

The world peace with an old Kodak-lens!

Finally, there are photos by the Kodak-Helios lens! It really took a long time. First I shot two rolls of film at the MAB. But I totally underexposed both rolls. After this I made some test photos in my garden and I changed the camera, at the MAB I used the Porst FX4 (Praktica Nova 1B), but then I used the Praktica LTL3.
And finally I got the correct exposure. Even if you stop down the lens, the depth of field is very slight. But this is logical, 'cause enlarger lenses aren't made for this.

1/500 - 5.6:

1/125 - 11:

1/30 - 22:

1/125 - 22
and in combination with a flash gun @45º + bounce card:

more pictures here.

and part 2!

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