04 February, 2012

battle the industry!

Today a simple palimpsest, which everybody can do at home!
Everyone has got at home forms, user manuals and other paper what lies around without utility.
I've used a warranty card in Portuguese from any machine.

I've printed the picture "iron fist #1" on the warranty card. I shot this picture in 2005 at the Südfriedhof near The Monument to the Battle of the Nations (German: Völkerschlachtdenkmal) in Leipzig, Germany. The picture shows the statue of the Memorial for the Victims of Fascism (German: Denkmal für die Opfer des Faschismus).

Here the sandwich version:

And here the scan from the print:
"descrição dos problemas apresentados" with the picture "iron fist #1"

In 2006 I made a photo montage with the picture "iron fist #1" and a picture which I shot at the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, Germany in 2004:

"kampf der industrie", germany, 2006

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