03 February, 2012

The preparations for the Fole Arte exhibition.

An exhibition signifies a lot of work before the vernissage happens. For the organizer means this to promote and, of course, to organize the exhibition. A part of this is to write to the media, like news papers, therewith they publish a report. Yesterday, 02.02.2012, was a report about the exhibition in the Jornal de Santa Catarina (see the multimedia part) in the rubric "Lazer".
But the journalist made two mistakes. First the exhibition won't be in Itajaí, but in Blumenau. The second mistake is, that the credit of my picture got another person. But of course, it is my picture. I have got the copyright for this picture, because I shot it!

But okay, as artist I've got many things to do for the exhibition, like to choose the pictures I'll show, then to go to a laboratory that they print the pictures, then to choose the frames.
Some days ago I was at MADESP in Benedito Novo. The company is a lumbermill and has got a large factory for wooden frames. I had the pleasure to choose between hundreds of frames, it was great. I chose wooden frame strips in the used look. I think this style harmonises very good with the pictures I'll show!

After this I was with the wooden frame strips and the pictures at a glasser, who also makes frames.
And here they are:

I love these frames! :)

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