06 May, 2012


Once more an experiment with stencils. And now the printer will be the "graffiti sprayer".

I wanted to print a photo on two papers, for this reason I cut a hole in the top paper.
But the experiment only can work, if you use an envelope, because the printer has to think that it is one paper. And envelopes are very good for this, because two paper layers are fixed about each other.
But the envelope has to be together at least three sides, if not the printer makes this:

Yes, the printer crushed the envelope!

The picture above and the following picture I made at the Escambau party in 2010.

The correct result looks like this:

After I printed the photo on the envelope I cut the two lateral sides:

When you cut all sides, you have this result:

The result is a stencil negative and a stencil positive.

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