03 May, 2012

Arte rigorosamente proibida!

"Arte rigorosamente proibida" means in English: strictly prohibited art.

It started some months ago as I found an old window frame in the shed of my aunt and I thought: Hey, perhaps I can use it!
But only in the last days I had the idea for what I can use it or how I can use it. The idea is inspired by the street art stuff which I saw in the last time.

Therefore I searched the letter stencils and painted with a permanent marker the text "Arte rigorosamente proibida" on the frame:

Then I stamped with my old letter stamps the text on old paper:

But now I needed a picture to print on it. I thought and thought and then the picture came in my mind. I shot it with my Konica Pop at the vernissage in the Fole Studio. The picture shows two girls who made funny things with the mannequin:

After I printed the picture on the paper, I cut the paper, taped it together and put it in the frame:

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