03 June, 2013


Perhaps you've just noticed, that I made different palimpsests with two pictures from the floripa-session
First I've used the both pictures, because I just like them, but then I had the idea to make an exhibition with only works which are based on them.

The title of this exhibition will be "WIRRWARR 08/15".

Wirrwarr is a german word and means chaos. In August will be one more time the COLMEIA event in Blumenau (Brazil) and I'll show some works which I made this year. I call the setlist (see it here) "WIRRWARR". The explanation is:
"Wirrwarr means chaos, anarchy, against any hierarchy, not follow the conventions, replace the status quo."
08/15 is a german figure of speech and is a common, dismissive phrase for something ordinary and nothing special, average, mediocre, prepared without care or nothing worth mentioning. In part, this phrase is also used for "outdated and cheap material" or just "cheap". The term also signifies standard.

If you use the two terms together, there is something very dialectical in it. The dialectic is, that I use two pictures to make different works. I repeat these two pictures, which always show the same motives. But every work has its own individuality and breaks out of the standard, out of the norm and replace the status quo of the original picture. 
Of course, the majority of these works are palimpsests, printed on "outdated and cheap material".
But as I had already described, to make a palimpsest isn't an exact science with norms. You've always the surprise factor when you made palimpsests. 

But I won't only show palimpsests, but also photo-montages and sandwich works. 
Like this sandwich:

The first work, which I made with one of these two pictures, was the "Das Meer, die Nacht und deine Liebe" (in English "The sea, the night and your love") panoramic palimpsest, where I printed on pages from a German "Groschenroman" or as I call them "Herzschmerzromane".
For about a year I've been doing experiments with these "Groschenromane", not only to print on the pages, but also to use the covers. The covers are always very kitsch. To use the covers I cut the original pictures out and use my own photos.

I hope that one day I can make this exhibition... 

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