30 May, 2013

palimpsests on technical drawings

Back in the 1970s, my dad was a student and had to make technical drawings. Well, I had to do this at the university as well...Luckily it is behind us...Today I remembered to my father's wallet with his drawings and sought out four drawings for palimpsests. Once more I've used some of the pictures, which I shot at one of the beaches of Florianópolis, Brazil.
"aufgabe nr. 4b - isometrische darstellung", brasil, 2013
"aufgabe nr. 4a", brasil, 2013
"aufgabe nr. 4a", brasil, 2013

But drawing paper is very fine, so this one almost was destroyed in the printer:
"der goldene schnitt", brasil, 2013
EDIT 03.06.13:

But it works with a little sense of delicacy... Well, I taped the drawing paper with scotch tape at the corners of an ordinary sheet of paper and after the print I removed the scotch tape:
"hyperbelkonstruktion", brasil, 2013
And here my work for an important competition.

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