18 October, 2014

photos ornamented with flowers - part 6.

As in part 5, part 6 is also without real flowers, but with pages from a book. But this time just snippets with drawings of plants out of the Schmeil-Fitschen.
The Schmeil-Fitschen, with full name "Flora von Deutschland und seinen angrenzenden Gebieten. Ein Buch zum Bestimmen der wildwachsenden und häufig kultivierten Gefäßpflanzen", is well known among the landscape architecture and horticulture students in Germany, because they use it to determine plants.
As I studied landscape architecture at the University of Hannover, I also used a modern edition of the Schmeil-Fitschen, but for these palimpsests I've used snippets out of the 86th edition of the Schmeil-Fitschen from my father, who used it in his study time.
First I cut out the snippets with drawings, then I sticked them on a DIN A4 paper and as last I printed self portraits from my girlfriend on it.

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