15 October, 2014

The Märchen Palimpsests

I have been heavily influenced by Märchen (fairy tales), especially of the German Märchen by the Brüder Grimm and other German folklore.
Therefore the palimpsests today are a homage to my childhood and this influence.
First I made two collages with stamps. The first collage exists of 20 stamps with the same motive, the Schloss Glücksburg in Germany. The second collage shows some different stamps from Germany, East Germany, Greece, Guine, Portugal and Spain.
I printed on the first collage a b&w self portrait of my girlfriend and on the second collage a b&w self portrait of mine.
Yes, the palimpsests should tell a classic fairy tale with a princess in the castle and the knight who conquers her...*smile* Well, I know this story is very very old school, but in our first fairy tale artwork "O cordel da chupacabra" the rolls were distributed differently.

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