10 January, 2016

buying film today...

Nowadays it is often difficult to get films for a good price. You can still buy films in photo stores and drugstores in Germany, but the prices are rising, while the selection is getting small. Therefore I often buy now film in the internet and mainly on Ebay. But of course, there the prices are rising, too. When I'm bored, I take often a look on Ebay and there I found sometimes point&shoot cameras of the 1990s, which are sold together with films, usually with expired films. Sometimes I had luck and won the auctions and got the stuff fpr little money. Two times I was the only bidder, because the main picture didn't show the camera with the films. This detail is very important, because if the main picture shows also the films, then more bidders are in the game and the price is rising.
At the first time I bought a Fujifilm DL-270 Zoom Super with an expired Schlecker AS 100 and three Foto-Quelle PremiColor 200. I paid very very little for it. The camera is still working.
picture from the ebay seller

Some weeks later I bought for a very low price a Canon Prima Super 28 with 5 ExtraFilm 200/36, 1 ExtraFilm 200/24, 2 Foto Knudsen 200/24+3, 1 Foto Schroder 200/24 and 1 Konica Centura 200/24. All films are expired, some since 2002. And one, maybe expired in 2007 or 2008, ExtraFilm 200/36 was still in the Canon and it is still working, too. An exposed Kodak APS film was also in the package, so what.
picture from the ebay seller

Here some pictures shot with the Canon and the ExtraFilm 200:
We and the Canon Prima Super 28

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