08 January, 2016

The 2€-Leica.

Of course, the 2€-Leica is the right one ;)
In October 2015 I found at the Kruschtlmarkt in Durlach a Leica Z2X for 2€, yes 2 Euros!!! With a film and an empty battery inside. At home I put a new battery in it and it works perfectly.
The film inside was a Kroma Colour 100 (Made in Japan) with 24 frames and the film counter indicated frame 10. Certainly this film is expired for some time. I searched a little bit and found that Kroma is "producing quality Personalised Photo Products that are made in New Zealand" (source). It can be concluded that the film is made in Japan and then was labeled by Kroma and sold in New Zealand. And of course the previous owner used the Leica on a trip down under and bought at least on of the local films.
After I shot the Kroma I put an expired Agfa Vista 100 (expired since 12/2002) in the Leica. The third film I've used in the Z2X was a Fuji made DM Paradies 200.
6 films in 3 cameras in 6 days
shot from the previous owner
shot from the previous owner
shot with the Kroma Colour 100
shot with the Agfa Vista 100
shot with the DM Paradies 200
shot with the DM Paradies 200

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