25 June, 2016


At my works Aufbauende Altbauten I fixed photomontages with baind-aids.
In this work now I also used baind-aids to fix a photomontage, but here the pictures aren't just from one building, but from two buildings. The lower parts are from the Rheinhafen-Dampfkraftwerk Karlsruhe and from the Heizkraftwerk West and the upper part is from the Fernmeldeturm Grünwettersbach.
With the works Aufbauende Altbauten I wanted to show the decay of the buildings in the urban space and now I wanted to show utility buildings like power plants and a radio tower, which are logically built for a special purpose, in a strange manner.
Therefore I made a transplantation and connected the two buildings. It was a cosmetic operation with wounds that have not yet healed and still need baind-aids. But it is a cosmetic operation in a negative sense, because this FrankensteinBuilding is the fallout of the modernization, it lost his raison d'être, it is becoming Junk-Space like Rem Koolhaas explained it.
Perhaps you are thinking, that this FrankensteinBuilding now has got two functions, but take a closer look at the photomontage, then you can see that it may not work. It is  purposeless, it is crossover.

The photomontage consists of 7 C-Prints in the size 10x15cm. Size: 31x41,5cm
The photomontage consists of 4 C-Prints in the size 10x15cm. Size: 20,5x32,5cm
The photomontage consists of 5 C-Prints in the size 10x15cm. Size: 25x22cm
The photomontage consists of 5 C-Prints in the size 10x15cm. Size: 31x23cm

I shot the pictures with my Mamiya 528TL on since 2007 expired Extrafilm 200.

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