08 June, 2016

Nikon and me.

I'm not a NikonBoy, I'm a CanonBoy and my girlfriend is a NikonGirl, but I've just got a Nikon TW Zoom for years and now I wanted a 1980s Nikon SLR.
First I found a F-301 at Ebay and bought it with a cheap Exakta 35-70mm lens, a Metz flash and a Hama strap.
But the shutter curtain is damaged, the lens has a little bit fungus and the Metz is totally ruined. But at least the strap is really cool.
Shortly after the purchase of the F-301 I bought a Mitsuki 2.8/135mm (probably a rebranded Tokina) lens also at Ebay. I just have a Nikon HS-4 lens hood, which fits well the Mitsuki.
But when it arrived I saw that it has slight fungus, too. Now I was very disappointed, a broken camera and two almost ruined lenses. Of course, fungus is not the end of a lens.
But I refused to give up and then I found, once more at Ebay, a F-501 body without the base plate and with a ruined battery attachment. No problem for me, because I could use these parts from the F-301, because both cameras a nearly identicals. I bought the F-501 with the beginning bid.
And then I had luck, the F-501 works!
F-301 and F-501

It was still a Kodak color film inside and I shot it with the Exakta 35-70mm to the end.

shot from the previous owner
shot from the previous owner
shot from the previous owner
Nikon and me
Nikon and me

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