05 August, 2016

Kodak, I found you...

In August last year I found a Kodak EK 8 instant camera at the ZKM during the KAMUNA. Of course I thought that I woud never use this camera, because Kodak broke up with the instant photography many years ago.
But some days ago I found at Ebay two double packs Kodak PR 10 instant films, one double pack original packing and one double pack with just one film, but also original packed. Therefore three films with each 10 sheets. The films are expired since August 1982!!!!! Yes, they're expired for 34 years!!!! I paid 5 Euro + 3,89 Euro for postage. A fair deal for an experiment, but I had no great expectations.
But after I used the Fuji Instax Wide and the Polaroid SX-70 with an Impossible Project film this year, I also wanted to shoot with the Kodak instant system.
The first two sheets of the first film didn't work, but the third...yes!!!! I continued, some sheets didn't work, but some became very good, but dark, very dark. But the quality is still better than the Impossible Project films.
The first picture
The third picture
The fourth picture
The sixth picture
The eighth picture
The tenth picture

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