31 August, 2016

the wall dance.

The wall dance is in the tradition of the optical illusion montages (1,2,3 and b&w), but also of the photomontage "Santa Catarina 2010".
The title of the wall dance is "Nordrhein Westfalen 2016", because I shot the pictures in Cologne which is in the state of Nordrhein Westfalen in the year 2016 and the work "Santa Catarina 2010" is also called on the basis of the location and year of the used pictures. Both montages are inspired by the artwork "Illinois, 1979" by Kenneth Josephson.
The pictures were shot with the Petri GX-1 and a Petri 2/50mm lens on expired Foto Knudsen 200 and Foto Schrøder 200 films.
The photomontage consists of 22 C-Prints in the size 10x15cm. Total size: 11x177cm.

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