26 November, 2016

The 2-Cameras-Double-Exposure-Project. part 3.

I searched for the Minolta 7000 AF and Dynax 8000i, which I bought some months ago, a bigger zoom lens. Therefore I looked at Ebay and found a Tokina 70-210mm AF zoom attached to a Dynax 7000i. I got the set and as it arrived was still a Super Color SC200 film in the Dynax. According to the Photo Deal magazine issue 91 the Super Color SC200 is a rebranded Ferrania Solaris FG 200 and was sold at Foto Wöltje in the early 2000s.
This is really serendipity!!! All three Minolta AF SLRs, which I bought, still had films inside.
Of course, I wanted to create double exposures like in part 1 and 2.
Now I put the film into the Minolta Dynax 8000i. But before I've used the film I bought a Sigma 2.8-3.5/75-200mm lens. I bought it in the Mimapi in Cologne like the 7000 AF and the Dynax 8000i. I think the tele zoom just belonged to them, because it was there together with both cameras. But first I just bought the cameras. For part 3 and 4 I've used this Sigma tele zoom with the Dynax 8000i. They matched perfectly together.
In part 1 and 2 the model, my girlfriend, posed with vintage binoculars, now, in part 3 and 4, she posed with a vintage Super 8 camera. 
I think the film was for a long time in the camera, because the pictures are very purple, but okay I shot the pictures in november on a rainy day, therefore we can say that the pictures are influenced by the wonderful songs Purple Rain by the great Prince and November Rain by Guns N' Roses!

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