11 December, 2016

for the last time pinhole.

I wasn't really satisfied with the first pictures made with my Zeiss Ikon pinhole camera, therefore I modified it a little bit. I replaced the Rollei lens cap with a Canon FD rear lens cap. So the focal length changed from 45mm to 70mm.

Focal length: 70mm
Diameter: 0.353mm
fStop: 198
Image circle: 134mm 

I shot some landscape pictures and a few of the Fernmeldeturm Grünwettersbach, but just one picture became something, but this is also very unsharp...

I think the first modification of the camera was still better than the second one, but in any case it was the last time I've used a pinhole camera...


Anonymous said...

...but its a great image :-)
Anyway, for pinhole the rule is: the shorter the focal length the better... I don't use bodycaps, but modify cameras to get FL near 20mm. Maybe give it another try?

fabricio said...

that´s a good idea! I'll think about it! :)