04 December, 2016

I'm happy!

Sometimes you become very happy when you find a cool camera at Ebay and nobody makes a offer.
More than ten years ago I saw some Diana cameras at a fleamarket, but didn't buy one of them, because in this time I just wanted to use 35mm SLRs. A great error, because some time after this the Dianas became very hip, of course, with the help of the Lomography Society.
But some weeks ago I found a Porst Happy as a complete set with the flash and bulbs, the manual and the original packing. Dianas were often being sold under other names and my Porst Happy is in fact a Diana De Luxe.
I think the hipsters don't know this fact, because the Dianas are expensive, even at Ebay.
picture from the ebay seller
The film I used in the Porst Happy was a Fomapan 400.

Now I just need to find a Porst Lucky to get lucky ;)

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