10 April, 2017

Half-format means double fun!

Do you know half-frame cameras? It is a type of camera that uses normal 35mm film, but doesn't use the normal 24x36mm format, but the 24x18mm format. Therefore you get 72 frames from a normal 36-frames film. These cameras were very popular in the 1960s.
I bought a wonderful Fujica Half, a dream of a camera made in the 1960s. Today there are many retro cameras which copy the look of the wonderful cameras from the 1960s. But the original cameras out of this time are still more beautiful that the copies of today.
As first film I didn't want to use a 36-frame film, because I thought that 72 frames are a high number. Therefore I used a 12-frame Euro Activ Color 200 film, which is probably an Agfacolor HDC and is expired since 05/1997. I shot the film @ ISO 100.
I wanted to create picture couples, which means two pictures which are mirrored. At the end it was more difficult than you imagine, but it makes a great fun with wonderful results.

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