09 April, 2017

The 2-Cameras-Double-Exposure-Project. part 5.

I've never used the APS film format, but in the last time I bought in a bundle an APS film and later in another bundle an APS camera and then once more in a bundle some APS films and a APS camera. So I had a pretext to discover the APS format.
In the Agfa Futura FF camera just was a partially exposed Agfa Futura II 200 film with 25 frames. As I turned on the camera, the display showed a 18 and that means that 18 frames just were shot. Sometimes I act headless and therefore I opened the filmdoor. I don't know why, but the camera rewinded the film and then pretended that the film was unexposed. I thought that this can't be happen with the APS format, but for me this was a great luck. After the film was developed resp. processed, I saw that the previous owner just double exposed the film! Therefore the film is now triple exposed!!!
I bought then a Traveler MRC camera at the Mimapi and put the film in it.

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