28 May, 2011

The cold war is finally over!!!

In this post I've showed the experiment to adapt an American lens on a Russian camera, but this combination of the USSR and the USA doesn't work:

Than I read this blog, which is a wonderful source of inspiration and I got the idea to save the world peace once more!
I took one of my five Helios 44M lenses and slaughtered it. I've only needed the "body" of it. Into the body came the Kodak Enlarging Ektar 4.5/75mm lens. I stuck it with Loctite, what is a bomb-proof connection!

And yes, I'm very proud, this combination of the USSR and the USA works!
Certainly, I've put it on my East-German Praktica, which was sold in West-Germany as a Porst ;)

This American-Russian lens isn't a macro lens, but probably a good portrait lens!

Here are some test photos!

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