24 May, 2011

DIY: A Funny Lens - Part 2

In part 1 I've written that the concept of the ICA Novar-Anastigmat 6.8/135 mm and the hollowed Yashica Auto Yashinon DS-M 1.7/50mm need a bellows or another extension to become a macro-lens.

Now I've made this extension. I've used a piece of a plastic waterpipe - yes like Miroslav Tichý - , which I've painted black in- and outside. After the paint was dried, I've stucked it with silicone sealing among the two "lenses".

Now the lens is a Softfocus-Macro, actually a mixture of a Canon EF 2.8/100mm IS USM Macro and a EF 2.8/135mm Softfocus, but cheaper.

Okay the ICA 6.8/135mm Softfocus-Macro isn't very fast and hasn't got AF and other modern things, but it is a genuine lens of pictoralism.

Here're the pictures!

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