10 March, 2011

DIY: A Funny Lens!

The old ICA lens, a Novar-Anastigmat 1:6.8/135 mm, became a waste product at the ICA conversion to a panoramic camera.
But nothing goes disappearing.
First I removed the diaphragm and the shutter blades, which are broken.

After that I fetched my hollowed lens, a Yashica Auto Yashinon DS-M 1.7/50mm, which I've used to take a photo through another camera, for a concept of an installation and for macro-photography.

I thought that the both lenses become a macro-lens, but for that I need a bellows-system for M42/Praktica-Screw/Pentax-Screw. (SEE PART 2)
But okay, I stuck with Loctite the both "lenses" together and now I've got a very funny lens, which you can't focus.

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