30 October, 2011

DIY: genuine leather for your old Praktica!

Last friday I felled with my Stihl 051 AVEQ some trees in my garden. After the work I recognized that the soles of my Viposa safety boots were broken. Okay they're old and I've got the same boots twice. I considered what I can do now with the boots, because the leather is still good and has got a wonderful patina. So I cut the leather from the sole and made today a new "leather bra" for my Porst FX 4 aka Praktica Nova 1B, because the Porst/Praktica doesn't have a real leather, just this faux leather or whatever.
The "new" leather is thick but very smooth, it's a dream! But I've made some little mistakes at the processing. It was my first time to work with genuine leather.

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