20 October, 2011

DIY: A Pancake Focus Free Lens!

What, a pancake lens and at the same time a focus free lens?
Yes, more or less.
I built it out of the barrel of the Exaktar SFX 135 and the front glass from the Biokor-S 1.9/45mm lens from the Beauty Lite III.
I taped the both parts with scotch tape together, but it's better to use black tape for it, 'cause the normal scotch tape isn't impermeable to light. But if you use the normal scotch tape, the pictures got a really good light effect!

For the first pictures I used the DIY-Pancake Focus Free Lens with the Praktica LTL3 and the Fuji Superia XTRA 400 film. aperture: 1.9 - exposure time: 1/1000.

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