12 October, 2011


I love these old press cameras like the Graflex Speed Graphic and the Plaubel Makina!
But I want to have a funny and perhaps ironic version of a press camera.

For that reason I've wanted to use an old, simple, small and popular camera like the Agfa Silette from 1954. Of course you need some things to pimp a simple camera. And here we go!
I think the key features of a press camera are the big handheld flashgun and the frame or sports finder.

Some months ago I bought a big Mirage Pro 550, this flashgun is really a monster and perfect for this project! You can find these handheld flashguns for some bucks at ebay, today nobody wants these heavy things.
The frame/sports finder I made out of a part from my old ICA and a piece of wood.

Here pictures taken with the funny press camera!

Other funny press cameras here!

1 comment:

Michael said...

Muhahaha.... looks like Lemmy Cautions Equipment in Alphaville (but I know thats an Agfa Isorapid he used...)

On the other hand, I like my Silette as it is... anyway a nice mod!