15 January, 2012


After I shot with my funny Agfa Press Camera, I had the idea to make some more outfits like the Agfa Press.
But now some funny Paparazzi outfits!

The first outfit is the Meikai AR-4367 with a Metz mecablitz 20BC6 and a "Canon EOS digital"-strap:

The second outfit is a pure Locostgraphy style outfit, which is composed of a Smena Symbol and a Tron S400 TCZ:

The third outfit is a heavy bomber! The Voigtländer Vitomatic II and the Mirage PRO 550 monster flash:

The last outfit is a serial killer in an everlasting bloodlust! It's the EXA 1b with the pentaprism and the rivet bomb back of the EXA 1c, the Porst 3.5/135mm with rubber lens hood, the Mirage PRO 550 and a Nikon strap:
I'm curious to shoot with these outfits! Here a wonderful video, which inspired me!

Here a very cool Weegee-like setup!!!

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