05 May, 2013

mini palimpsest on DIY-paper _part 2

Today I made a new mini palimpsest on DIY-paper triptych, which I call "the walking past".
It has this name, because I've used three black&white photos, which I made in Germany in 2005.

The first picture I shot with my Nikon TW Zoom 35-80 on Ilford Delta 100 film in Hannover.
The second photo is a self portrait, which I shot with my Canon T50 and the Canon 1.8/50mm lens on Ilford FP4+ 125 film in Leipzig.
And the last one I shot with my Porst Compact Reflex S and the Porst MC 1.7/50mm lens on Kodak BW400CN in Hannover.

"the walking past #1", brasil, 2013
"the walking past #2", brasil, 2013
"the walking past #3", brasil, 2013
Here the work in a window frame.

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