14 September, 2014

I dream of ... - MailArt project

Once more MailArt...
I've participating at the MailArt project "I dream of..." by Kultklecks e.V., Germany.
Today started the exhibition at the Civil Academy in Berlin, Germany and at Monday the exhibition will start at ArTik - Die Freiburger Kunst- & Kulturinitiative in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.
Here a picture of the exhibition in Berlin, my postcard is in the red circle (down in the middle of the picture):
Copyright © by Civil Academy

The main exhibition will be at the Incline Gallery in San Francisco, USA and will start at December 5th 6-10pm.
EDIT 08.12.2014 
Here a picture from the exhibition at the Incline Gallery, my postcard is at the right side of the picture:
Copyright © by CULTIVATIVE
And here a video of the vernissage.

I've sent in the palimpsest "in der welt da draussen" which I showed at the Colmeia 2013 event in Blumenau, Brasil. The title for the MailArt project is "I dream of a future".

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