17 September, 2014


WIRRWARR 13 – The tale of the female chupacabra

Once upon a time in the village of Carrapateira in the barren landscape of the Sertão Paraibano in the northeast of Brazil lived a young man, who was strong, clever and tough like a goat or as it was called there a cabra. His name was Zelão the son of the brave cangaceiro Capitão Herculano Villas-Bôas.

One day as Zelão took a bath in the creek in the canyons near to their camp, he was observed by a girl called Iara. She was hiding behind flowers and plants, looked quite fervently on him while her saliva ran out of her mouth. She crept cautiously to the shore, took off her dress and dived into the water. He stood with his back to her as she appeared between his legs, soared in front of him out of the water and snapped to his lips. Totally surprised after a perceived eternity of kissing he looked at her smile and fell in love with her. In the same moment she also fell in love with him. Instantly their lives changed. However, more than her life changed his life, because suddenly she attacked him, but not for kissing, yet for biting his neck, his chest, his belly, his hands, his legs, his penis and drinking all of his blood. Actually he should have died immediately, but the love of both saved his life and also hers, because the spell of the chupacabra broke away the second she looked at his lifeless body and a single tear of her dropped on his face. Embracing they dived into the water and were never seen again.

by Fabricio & Radha

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