01 September, 2014

Utopian Worlds - MailArt project

Once more a MailArt project where I've participated. It's the "Utopian Worlds" project by Free Oakland UP from Oakland, USA. There will be an exhibition at the Free Oakland UP Gallery in January 2015.
I've sent in a print from the artwork "a bruxa do mar". Another print of this work I showed at the Colmeia 2012 event in Blumenau, Brasil.

Here my postcard on the page:


joey said...

Hi Fabrio, I'm enjoying your photo-image technique. The beach, in my mind, is a utopian location worth visiting now and then. Thanks for your artwork. Joey

fabricio said...

Hi Joey, it's great that you like my work! thanks a lot! and of course, you're right with the beach! :)