13 October, 2015

Out Of My Pocket...

stylish with Snoopy camera bag!!! :)

My first steps in photography were with two pocket cameras, a simple Agfa 2008 sensor "ritsch-ratsch" and an even simpler Time-Life-Mini back in the 80s.
"little wild hog", germany, 1986/87

But as I grew up, I ceased with photography for many years and just started with it again in the early 2000s, first with a Sony Mavica, than with a Polaroid 635CL and an Actionsampler. In 2005 I bought my first own SLR, a Zenit ET and then it took his way till today.
With this new phase I also reactivated my old Agfa pocket camera and the Agfa 4008 sensor pocket camera of my sister. Unfortunately I lost in the years my tiny Time-Life pocket camera, but perhaps one day I'll find on of these at a flea market.
In 2006, you could still find pocket films in photo stores and Germany also in drugstores in Germany. First I bought one Fuji Superia 200 at a photo store for more than 10 Euro, more expensive than 35mm and 120 films, but okay to use a pocket camera once more, it was worth to pay an exorbitant price. Some weeks later the German drugstore chain Schlecker sold the same Fuji pocket films for one Euro the piece.The only drawback was that the films expired in the same year. I bought ten of these pocket films.

I used the two pocket cameras for street photography:
"we stood and drove as we saw that we were in a megacity",germany, 2005
"perplexed", germany, 2005/2009

In the same year I found at flea market an Agfa 4000 flash pocket for 3 Euro with still a film inside, it was an exposed Porst film and I brought it to the photo store to develop it. Some days later and 14 Euro poorer, I really had 24 pictures in the hand, but as I looked at them, it was a little shock, okay it was predictable, all the 24 pictures were:
"24 times purple", germany, 2006

As I moved to Brazil in 2007, I took also the rest of the pocket films with me. I think it were still six or seven. I shot two or three films there, but I had bad luck with the wrong exposure.
In 2011 I also gave my little niece my Agfa pocket camera to make some pics:
thats me by Ella :)

Until this year I had still two of these pocket films and decided to take them with me back to Germany. I let most of my photographic stuff at the house of my mum in Brazil, therefore I had to buy another pocket camera in Germany, but this was much more cheaper than to take my pocket cameras with me.
In June I found a Kodak pocket camera at a flea market for 2 Euro and what a surprise still with an old Agfa film in it and still some unexposed frames to shoot!
"der kran", germany, 2015

Some weeks later I bought a Voigtländer Vitoret 110 EL at the Mimapi Altertümchen in Cologne for 3 Euro. I loaded it with one of the two last Fuji pocket films I still had. The film was exactly nine years expired, so the results were very funny, like this picture which I made of my girlfriend:
in the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum, Cologne

The last pocket film I loaded in the Kodak camera and here are the last pictures which I made with pocket cameras. The location is the Rheinauhafen in Cologne:
 my ultimative last pocket picture

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