06 October, 2015

The return of the macro effect. part 2.

After I bought the Macro Reverse Adapter Ring for the filter thread of 49mm to use the Revuenon (Mamiya) and the Tokina lenses as macro lenses, I've found at the Oxfam store in Cologne Südstadt two cheap Soligor zooms with Minolta SR (MD) mount.
They're creepy trash plastic zooms of the worst kind, but the Soligor C/D 4.5-5.6/70-210mm Macro MC lens has a 49mm filter thread, therefore I bought the two zooms with a Danubia PL filter (55mm) and a Danubia Circular Polarizer (49mm) for 15 Euro.
Unfortunately it only works at 70mm and Macro position. Only there it can afford a sharp picture in combination with the reverse adapter. Attached to the Canon, the combo looks a little bit like the Yashica Dental Eye.

It isn't really a macro lens with the reverse adapter, but a close-up lens, perfect for portrait shots. Here some pictures:

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