09 October, 2015

Screw the circle on!!!

In August I bought at the Mimapi Altertümchen in Cologne a Skylite auxiliary video telephoto lens 1.5x for some euros.

But the screw mount of the auxiliary lens was very tiny, just 46mm, too small for my lenses. Therefore I had to find some kind of adapter to use it with some of my lenses. I found an old plastic ring, perhaps an old lens filter, but without the glass, which was at the Chinon-made Revuenon 1.7/55mm lens. The filter screw of this lens is 52mm. I glued the plastic ring and the 46mm ring of the auxiliary lens with loctite together and everything works perfect.

If you attach it to the Ringfoto 3.5/28mm lens, which also has a 52mm filter thread, it makes (because of the factor 1.5x) a 42mm lens out of it. But of course, the aperture also changes with the factor 1.5x, therefore an aperture of 3.5 becomes a 5.25 (~5.6).

Ringfoto 3.5/28mm lens + auxiliary video telephoto lens
Ringfoto 3.5/28mm lens + auxiliary video telephoto lens

But the auxiliary lens creates a strong edge cover, because it isn't for wideangle lenses, but for a focal length of 50mm or something else. The edge cover on the pictures looks like the effect of for example the Lomo Fisheye, which creates circular photos. The combination of the Ringfoto 3.5/28mm lens and the auxiliary video telephoto lens also creates this circular picture, but without the distortion of a fisheye lens.

First three pictures of my Nikon Girl without the auxiliary lens:

And now with the auxiliary lens:

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