09 March, 2016

buying film today...part 2.

The Zeiss Ikon Days films

In the first part I showed two point&shoot cameras, which I only bought because of the films, which came with them. In the last weeks I found once more two interesting auctions with two point&shoot cameras and films.
The first one was with a cheap Revue whatever camera and three expired Agfa Vista 200 films and an expired Revue Color 200 film made by Agfa. I like a lot the old Agfa films. I bought the set for a really good price. The camera I won't use, just the films.
picture from the ebay seller

Then I found a Sealife SL-100 underwater camera with three expired Kodak Farbwelt 200 films. This camera I'll definitely use!!!
picture from the ebay seller

At Ebay I also look at auctions of film bundles for a good price. Sometimes I have luck and nobody makes a higher bit or even better, nobody makes a bit.
picture from the ebay seller
picture from the ebay seller

Lately I searched for really good films like old Agfa color films, Agfa Chrome films, the Kodak BW400CN and medium format black&white films from Agfa and Orwo. And thanks to serendipity I found a really special film called Sonnenbild, in English sun image. The drawing of the sun with the camera is really sweet! :)

At the moment I've got 88 films in my box, included are 35mm color films with 100, 200 and 400 ISO, 35mm chrome color and black&white films with 100 ISO, black&white films for 35mm and medium format with 100 and 400 ISO and a SX70 color film from the Impossible Project. I've got films from Agfa Germany, AgfaPhoto, Foma, Fuji, Kodak, Konica , Orwo and many branded films, which were made by Agfa Germany, Fuji and Kodak. Most of the films are expired, but this was the reason I bought them.

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