02 March, 2016

The Zeiss Ikon Days - part 4.

From the 1890s till the 1950s, the simple box cameras were very popular as the basic camera for everybody. They were cheap and simple to handle. Only remember the slogan from Eastman Kodak: "You Press the Button, We Do the Rest". Like today people in the 1920s shot pictures of the persons they loved, which you can see at the following five vintage pictures.

I have two box cameras, a Balda Rollbox from my great-grandmother and a Brazilian KAPSA. But both cameras are still in Brazil. Fortunately my girlfriend has a wonderful camera collection specialized in German cameras of the 1950/60s. Among other medium format cameras she also has a Zeiss Ikon Box-Tengor 55/2 postwar version (1950-1952). The Tengor is an untypical box camera. Unlike normal box cameras the Tengor hasn't the typical and simple meniscus fixed focus lens, but a real doublet lens.
At the Zeiss Ikon Days I used the camera with an Ilford HP5+ film and here are some of the pictures I made:
The Tichý look

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