03 March, 2016

The Zeiss Ikon Days - part 5.

Now the fifth and last part of the Zeiss Ikon Days, where I also used my Zeiss Ikon pinhole camera in combination with a Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod and the 496RC2 compact ball head.
The film I used was the AgfaPhoto APX 100. I used to determine the exposure time with the Ilford Pinhole Exposure Calculator. They were six minutes indoor and eight seconds outdoor.
Everything went very good until the 19th frame as the camera made problems with the transport of the film. The result was that the film ripped. At home I tried to get the film back into the cartridge, which was a delicate matter. But I managed it somehow. After this mess I was lucky that the labor developed the film. It took a little, but here are five of seven pictures which survived this little experiment...

Well, I think I still have to refine a little bit the pinhole camera for the next time.

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