08 May, 2016

lucky days.

Lucky days are when you find at Ebay a wonderful camera for a very cheap price. Some time ago I found a Mamiya 528TL with the wide & tele accessory lenses and a Revue Automatic Super8 - 325 camera just some minutes before the auction ended.
It seemed as if the seller had no idea of cameras, because he didn't indicate which cameras he is selling and just wrote "cameras" in the offer. His pictures were also very poor.
Because of this the actual bid was only one Euro and some seconds before the end of the auction I gave my bid of 1,51 Euro and won it. I was very surprised and very happy.
I count always to the price the postage to get the real value. Therefore I paid 6,50 Euro for both cameras (4,99 was the postage), so 3 Euro for each camera and 0,50 Euro for the accessory lenses. Until now my cheapest SLR was the Revueflex (Zenit 3M) for 5 Euro.
picture from the ebay seller

I like a lot leaf shutter SLRs and love to shoot with my Contaflex. But the shutter of the Mamiya is very loud for a leaf shutter.

Inside the Mamiya was an Agfa XR100 without DX encoding, which was introduced in 1983, therefore this film is certainly older than 33 years. Of course, I shot the film till the end and took him to the development, but the film was certainly too old, not a single photo gained life.
Pity, but there can't give only lucky days....

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