23 May, 2016

The instax style.

Making-of picture
My girlfriend and I are participating at the instax-WIDE-300-Testaktion 2016 from the German PhotoKlassik magazine and Fujifilm.
Our idea is to use the instax wide 300 camera with different filters like effect and color filters, which aren't made for the instax system.
Of course we can't show now our pictures which we will send in, but we just want to show some of the out sorted pictures.
Hama 5x Star
Magnifying glass with detergent
Hama 5x Star
Hama Macro +10
Flash with green foil
Green foil in front of the lens
Flash with red foil
Hama Nahlinse (Close-Up) +1
Hama Nahlinse (Close-Up) +1
The colors of the original instax photos are much more vivid as the scans shown here. 
It was really a great fun to use the instax camera with different filter, because in this way you can create really cool pictures.
We like to use the instax wide 300 a lot!

See part 2 with the out selected pictures here.

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