19 June, 2018

Spooky mood.

The use of old and expired films are often very tricky. I often use films, which are expired for some years. Sometimes the films are expired for more than 10 years. Two times I used Orwo black&white films, which were expired for more than 27 years (a NP20 and a NP27).
This time I used once more an old black&white Orwo film, once more an Orwo NP20, but this time this film is expired for more than 40 years!!! More precisely, since January 1975!!!!!!
I used the Orwo in my Lubitel 166B and shot the ISO 80 film @ ISO 25. For the necessary light I used a Brillant E18B flash.

The pictures have a spooky mood...
Yes, you can recognize very little of the motive. Luckily I photographed the motive also with my Minolta Dynax 600si Classic and a Tokina SD 4.5-5.6/70-210mm AF lens. The film was a fresh AgfaPhoto APX 100 black&white.

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