12 July, 2009

Flea market in Pomerode.

Yesterday I was on a flea market in Pomerode, "the most german city in Brasil". Yes it's right, the city is like a bavarian village, okay not really, but nearly. Of course, I know Pomerania (Pommern), a region in the north-east of Germany and in the north-west of Poland, isn't Bavaria (Bayern), but the city is a melting pot of old german traditions.

In Germany I was many times on flea markets, but here in Brasil it was my first time. The flea market was small. Of course, I searched old cameras, but the chances were slightly. A young man marketed a Polaroid Amigo 620, but it was very overpriced.
At another market stall was a 2.0 Mpix Canon PowerShot A200. The salesman wanted 20 Reais for it, but in the end I paid 15 Reais (= approx. 7.50 US-Dollar / approx. 5 Euro) for it. I think it's a very good price. In the camera is the original Canon CompactFlash Card with 8MB.

At home I put two batteries in the Canon and it works!

Here the first picture with the camera:

Original file size: JPEG 1600 x 1200, 180dpi, 489, 8K
It's without flash, only with the available light (1/25 - f/2.8, ISO ?). The 5mm-lens (35mm-equivalent: 39mm) with f-stop 2.8 is very good.

The next picture was shot with the macro modus:

1/8 sec. - f/2.8, ISO ?
File size: JPEG 640 x 480, 180dpi, 32,9K .

The next picture was shot with the 4 x digital zoom (35mm-equivalent: 156mm):

1/8 sec. - f/2.8, ISO ?
File size: JPEG 640 x 480, 180dpi, 27,4K

I think the Canon PowerShot A200 is a very good digital toycamera like the Sony Mavica FD-73.
I'll use them for web-shots, for example for the photo documentation of the Pretexto Exhibition.

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